Electrical Automation

Our company designed the hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical control systems also delivering solutions in-house, providing maximum performance in minimum error resulting product. Experienced, fast and timely service to your common problems interfere with our team and suna ErUz lasting solutions.
 Our Automation Capabilities;
· Machine Automation
· Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation
· MCC, Low Voltage and PLC Automation Panels
· Projecting, manufacturing and commissioning
· Turnkey System Automation of Various Facilities
Machine Automation;
· Spiral welded pipe machine automation,
· Pipe Mouth Lathe Automation,
· Hydrostatic Test Systems Automation,
· Fluoroscopy System Automation,
· Pipe Outer Sanding System Automation,
· Pipe Inner Sanding System Automation,
· Polyethylene Coating System Automation,
· Pipe Mouth Cleaning System Automation,
· Test Machine Automation
Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation;
· Switchboard SCADA System
· HV, MV and LV Energy Distribution and Control Systems
· Protection Relays and Energy Analyzers
· Generator Excitation and Synchronization
· Turbine Governor Control
· Turbine Monitoring and Control
· Turbine Temperature Control
· Turbine Oil Level Information
· Turbine Cooling Water Control
· Turbine load-take control
· Bypass valve control
· Water Level Control
· Water Intake Control
· Regulator control and monitoring systems
Turnkey System Automation of Various Facilities;
· PLC and Panel applications of special manufacturing machines, control systems,
· Hydraulic and pneumatic system applications,
· Conveyor Automation Applications,
· Water Treatment Systems Automation,
· Pump Station Automation,
· Roll Opening, Length Cutting, Flying Scissor Applications Automation,
Scada Systems & Software;
· Data Collection and Remote Control,
· Process Control Applications
· Recipe Applications
PLC control system with the most important parts in our designs (Programmable Logic Controller) and high-speed data processing systems that require testing "NI LabVIEW" products are used.
Computer Program enables full control of the Automation (SCADA) is written entirely by our company. Control interfaces of our systems can be designed using computer controlled or touch panels. In addition, you can follow your automation system wherever you are in the world with the monitoring interface from the internet, you can report daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, you can save these reports in pdf, excel or word and you can print them.